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Who said that a cruising boat should be slow ? After all performance is part of the fun ! In terms of comfort, an unmatched experience gained on all the seas of the world truly makes the Beneteau 50 the ultimate cruising 50 footer of the nineties. The deck layout is state of the art; wide sidedecks, a teak covered bulwark and judiciously located hatches ensure easy and safe circulation on deck. For efficient and comfortable cruising, the Beneteau 50 features a dual cockpit configuration: the guest cockpit is well protected and offers

great comfort for 8 people around the standard table, while the crew cockpit has 2 steering positions and directly accessible winches for the helmsman. Access from the stern is made easy by a built-in step and hinged door, that lead to a totally uncluttered passage way

to both cockpits. Below deck, the interior is furnished in wild cherry, with plenty of natural light, lending a warm and cheerful atmosphere. The kitchen is well furnished, adapted to the needs of the most demanding chef, with refrigerator, freezer, oven cooker and a 1000 litre fresh water capacity.



L. O. A.
15,48 m
L. O. Hull
14,98 m
L. W. I.
13,85 m
4,48 m
1,80 m
14 000 kg (approx)
4225 kg (approx)
Sail Area
126 m2 (approx)
58 KW
500 l (approx)
1000 l (approx)
8/12 people
Navigation Classification (French Merchant Marine Approval)
World Wide


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