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Mellieha Bay, two kilometres north of Mellieha town, is a spacious bay, and one of the most popular in Malta. Good, modern roads lead to the bay, and a number of hotels, tourist villages and apartments in the vicinity, provide entertainment to the thousands of holiday-makers relaxing on the beach.

The shallow waters and the extensive sand make the beach suitable for families with children.

The rocky flanks enclosing Mellieha Bay afford ideal spots for swimming off-the-rocks. (even if access to the shore is not quite easy). Improvement of the existing tracks and the provision of some facilities are planned to disperse the crowds from the main beach areas.

Across the road from the beach, on the inland side, is the Ghadira Nature Reserve - Ghadira means 'Lake'. The depressed tract of land here holds rain water and looks like a tiny lake. The area was enclosed and reserved for wild-life, mostly migrant birds and water-plants. The reserve, sited in an attractive environment was the first one of its kind in Malta. Subsequently other bird reserves have been sited in other localities.

Observation posts have been set up in proper places for bird watchers. This nature reserve is open to the public during mornings.

Text courtesy of the National Tourism Organisation - Malta.