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SALINA BAY is so called because of the salt-pans cut in the inner segment of this sea inlet. The water on both verges of the bay is not deep but is quite suitable for swimming off the rocks. The bay is well frequented throughout the summer.

THE SALINI CATACOMBS: Salina is full of catacombs and burial sites, dating back to between the second and the fourth Centuries AD. Many of these tombs include resting places for the head carved in stone, and some had been re-opened so that couples could be buried together. One burial place also has an 'agape' table, where the relatives of the dead would eat together after the burial. One of the Catacombs is decorated with simple sculptures. Evidence that the Salini Catacombs are from the Christian era are the Greek crosses carved on the walls.

The QAWRA promontory to the north-west has now been devel- oped into a distinct resort, with hotels along the coastline and numer- ous vacation premises in the inland area. Some of the hotels have beach concessions which provide facilities for swimming for their guests. Stretches of rocky coastline are accessible to the public for swimming and sunbathing.

On the other side of Qawra Point, the promontory forms the southern limits of St. Paul's Bay. This area is also under development for tourist purposes. Further inland stands Bugibba, the largest tourist centre in Malta.

The beach at BUGIBBA is not sandy, and so far it has no special facilities for bathers. However, many visitors housed in that locality throng the flat, rocky beach which is convenient for swimming in deep water. Several of the big hotels and other establishments have swimming pools for those of their guests who prefer them. The two resorts of Qawra and Bugibba are major holiday centres. All kinds of amenities are available by day and by night for their many visitors.

Text courtesy of the National Tourism Organisation - Malta.