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Two other curious phenomena at Dwejra are the Inland Sea and the Azure Window. THE INLAND SEA occupies a crater-like cavity beneath the cliff where a natural tunnel in the steep rocks allows the sea to penetrate and to form a miniature lake at the bottom of the depression. The enclosed lake is surrounded by a sandy bank quite amenable to bathing, for the water is shallow and always warmer than the adjacent sea.

Fisherman find the 'Inland Sea' an ideal refuge for their boats, as the sea in that locality can be stormy and dangerous. The cosy little 'lake' within the sloping sides of the huge rocky bowl is very impressive and is a unique feature in these islands. When the sea is calm, the fishermen-boatmen ferry tourists through the tunnel into the open sea and to the neighbouring Azure Window.

IT-TIEQA or WINDOW is another wonder of nature in Dwejra's rocky environment. Rather than a window it is more a door-like formation at the sea-end of the cliff. Two huge vertical pillars capped by a massive block - all formed by a strange natural process - give the impression of a giant door-way, through which one can admire the blue expanse beyond the cliff. The people of Gozo call it the Azure Window. T

he sea around it is very deep and of a dark blue hue, which explains why the 'window' is 'azure'. This phenomenon, viewed from its opposite flat rocks, presents a sight of splendour and grandeur.

Text courtesy of the National Tourism Organisation - Malta.