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The Islet of Comino, only 2 sq. kms in area, lies between northern Malta and southern Gozo. The islet is generally hilly with limestone cliffs at most of its coast. Centuries ago Comino was a perfect hiding-place for Barbary Corsairs, from which point they could easily raid nearby Gozo and Malta. The islet had no proper defences, except for the tower erected by the Knights in 1618, in the central area.

Thankfully, corsair attacks ceased many years ago, and Comino has now a more peaceful role to play. The islet, which depends on Gozo, has only three 'full-time' inhabitants. Comino is above all a pleasant vacation site. Two modern hotels provide all amenities to their guests.

There are no other such establishments, and unless visitors stay at these hotels, they should provide for their own meals and for protection from the sun's rays. There are no roads - only pathways - and cars are not allowed. However, these drawbacks are compensated for by the beauty of the rugged coastline and the splendid waters around it.

SANTA MARIA BAY is a tiny sandy beach. It is used as a landing stage for passenger boats. A little church and a police station stand in the little square close by. The bay is a popular bathing place for families with small children.

ST. NICHOLAS BAY is another small sandy beach partly used as a concession by the modern hotel standing on its shore. The hotel boat berths at a landing post in the bay.

The glory of Comino, however, is the BLUE LAGOON - a narrow channel separating Comino from its sister islet of Cominotto. Here the water is fresh and crystal clear. The white blanket of sand at the bottom turns the deep blue water into a light turquoise hue. Bathing in these limpid waters is a stimulating experience which is hard to match anywhere else on these islands.

Diving and snorkelling are very popular in Comino's waters, where the sea fauna and the unspoilt water are particularly adequate for such sport.

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Text courtesy of the National Tourism Organisation - Malta.